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what is ALTIUS

Altius is a new project of Runners’lab Athletics Team, which is the first professional running team based in Belgium, and has his focus on the recreational runner with an ‘Olympic’ mindset. Altius originates from the Olympic motto: ‘citius, altius, fortius’ which means faster, higher, stronger. 

The goal of the Altius project is to help runners strive for their own personal excellence, independent of their current performance level. Therefore, we strongly believe in the self-potential of all our athletes.

Specifically, the purpose of Altius is to offer the highly motivated and passionate runner, with an Olympic mindset and attitude, the same expertise, professional guidance and high-end quality training, testing and coaching services as our elite athletes. Although combining a daily working routine with an Olympic training program is challenging, we provide you the guidance and expertise to reach your personal limits and your personal ‘altius’. 

To help runners achieve their personal goals, Altius consists out of two packages: citius and fortius.

Join the the Runners’ lab Athletics Team, join our Altius project and, together we will train like Olympians!

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Includes the professional guidance and high-end quality training, testing and coaching services to reach your personal goals.

We provide the service that you deserve:

1. Coaching: 

  • Coaching by professional coaches of the Runners’ lab Athletics Team
  • Individualized training schedule and periodization via Trainingpeaks
  • On field lactate testing to determine your personal training paces
  • Raceday information about nutrition and hydration
  • Minimal engagement of 6 months to ensure a solid build-up towards your altius

2. Access to the Runners’ lab Athletics community:

  • Regular meet-and-greet with our elite athletes,
  • and access to our online community (e.g. Strava, Instagram,…)
  • Regular invitations to our RAT-academy

3. Support:

  • Support of the same team of medical top experts as our elite athletes
  • Enjoy the best of our partners
    • Unique adidas racing gear
    • Start package 6D
    • Reduction for 6d supplements, adidas clothing and shoes at Runners’lab

4. Price:

  • € 100 monthly coaching fee


Offers a 360° support service by different experts. All of those experts are already working with our elite athletes!

  • Individualized injury prevention and strength program
  • Individualized nutrition, supplementation and hydration advice
  • Body screening
  • Running analysis
  • Live high, train low by using the altitude tent 

On request.