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Runners’ lab Athletics Youth Team is a professional athletics education aiming on young distance athletes. More specifically, our Youth Team is open for motivated competitive athletes from all athletic clubs and in cooperation with these clubs we will develop our youth athletes to become the future elite athletes of Runners’ lab Athletics Team




Our goal is two folded. Firstly, Runners’ lab Athletics Team wants to develop young athletes to become high-level distance runners. 

Secondly, Runners’ lab Athletics Team wants to contribute to their personal development as an individual. With our Youth Team we offer an education with balanced focus on professionalism on the on hand, and pleasure and passion for the sport on the other hand.


Runners’ lab Athletics Youth Team offers its athletes the guarantee that they can enjoy a proper education till the age of 18 (including Junior 1).

On a weekly base, there is one compulsory training (which is on Sunday in Halle). The other parts of the training schedule can be coordinated and followed up in the local athletics club.

Not only Runners’ lab Athletics Youth Team athletes are monitored daily by the coaches of the Youth Team, but they can also rely on the extensive network of experts (physiotherapists, doctors …) of our team.

With the Runners’ lab Athletics Youth Team we patiently and step by step build up the athletic career of our youth athletes. Our Youth Team works in a professional environment where these young athletes are inspired by the elite athletes of Runners’ lab Athletics Team

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In youth we trust!



17 (6)

Rune 's Jongers

2007 - HULS

Sverre Van Britsom

Sverre Van Britsom

2005 - AVLO

Siep Trommelen

Siep Trommelen

2009 - NED

Miro Verledens

Miro Verledens

2006 - FLAC

22 (6)

Elliot Vermeulen

2006 - WS

2 (5)

Jesse Lema

2005 - ABAV

Lars Peeters

Lars Peeters

2007 - ROBA

7 (5)

Tiemen Laenens

2006 - HCO

11 (5)

Willem Renders

2007 - HCO

19 (6)

Alexis Foulon

2006 - CSF

Storm Vervloet

Storm Vervloet

2006 – AVOS

Jules Trommelen

Jules Trommelen

2007 – NED



David Maréchal_landscape
David Maréchal
Youth Coach